About us

Flourish Word Ministry is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformation. Rooted in unwavering faith and a commitment to spreading the Gospel, we stand as a nurturing sanctuary for spiritual growth, renewal, and community enrichment.

At Flourish Word Ministry, we are dedicated to illuminating the lives of individuals and families worldwide with the transformative power of the Gospel. Our mission is simple yet profound: spreading the eternal message of Jesus Christ’s love, grace, and redemption to those seeking solace, especially among prisoners and their families.

Through our unwavering commitment to sharing the Good News, we serve as a guiding light for those navigating life’s darkest paths. Our focus extends beyond the prison walls, reaching out with compassion and understanding to embrace families affected by incarceration, offering support, encouragement, and the comforting embrace of faith.

Within our digital sanctuary, discover a wealth of resources, uplifting testimonials, and inspirational messages. Experience the transformative journey of faith through our outreach programs, worship services, and educational materials designed to empower, uplift, and guide individuals towards spiritual growth and renewal.

Join us in our collective endeavor to spread hope, healing, and restoration across nations, one soul at a time. Together, let us flourish in faith, as we embark on this empowering journey of grace and compassion.

Step into the light of Flourish Word Ministry, where the love of Christ illuminates hearts and transcends boundaries. Together, we thrive in the boundless love and grace of our Savior.”

Who we are

Our Drive


We see the believer Flourish by harnessing the domiciled ultimate power of the mind as he demonstrate God’s word, a force to growth and stability


To empower people with knowledge of God’s ability, transform the incarcerated  innate abilities to incremental value.


Pastor Francis Udi

Francis Grew Up In A Christian Home Where He Adhere To And Choose To Followed Suite In -Sands Of Time.  He Attended  The Federal University Of Uyo Where He Studied Political Science And Education. 

In preparation to equip self for the ministerial journey as envisioned, he enrolled for a Bible training School through the help of an Evangelist at the Truth & Light Bible School and the name ‘FLOURISH WORD MINISTRY’ came to being after many encountered ugly incidences prior to ordination, of such was the miraculous healing from a chronic paralysis and the Holy Ghost ministration in a Boat on the waste tunnel- waters of Ajegunle, Apapa axis of Lagos and upon completion, a fresh mandate unction was release to run with God’s revelation “FLOURISH WORD “   to prison and  set captives free, heal the sick and raise the poor to flourish Everlasting through the power of the Gospel.

Flourish Word Ministry (FWM) Prison /field missions

FWM, officially began operation in ministry on October 30, 2022 with the following volunteers as Coordinators.


The FLOURISH perspective

Our ministry is rooted in spreading the message of spiritual rejuvenation, positivity, encouragement that fosters a sense of purpose and balance
in the lives of believers and in extension, emphasizing the transformative power of God’s word for believers to thrive in
all aspect of their lives.